Silver Lining: happy male legal guardian day!

June 16, 2013

happy male legal guardian day!

While Sam's not a father yet (per se), he's a legal guardian, so this morning I declared that Male Legal Guardian Day shall henceforth and forever be celebrated on Father's Day. So let it be written, so let it be done.

flashback to my long-haired days

So happy fake Father's Day to my favorite
eggs benedict maker
basketball player
computer tinkerer
facial-haired person alive.
(but seriously on the facial hair. his goatee is downright sexy.)

I knew before we got married that he'd be a natural at the whole parenting thing, and he really is. He does so much for me, and Jason, and our family.

I love you.

And to all the other fathers, father figures, grandfathers, and father-in-laws
 who have helped me become who I am today - thank you! 
See some words/ auto-tune lyrics to my father here.


  1. hope you guys had a wonderful fathers day
    and love that picture
    and that day :)

  2. So sweet! <3 Happy, happy male legal guardian day! :)

  3. Nice blog design! And it was great to see you again and catch up! Finally!


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