Silver Lining: wildflowers

June 11, 2013


I realize we may end up in a big city someday. And I'm sure I would love it. But I guess I'm a country girl deep down, because I love going outside these days and exploring. Hiking, walking, taking pictures. And wildflowers/flowering weeds are kind of my thing. The way they grow themselves, without anybody planting them and watering them and making them grow.

photos by KNW

Although speaking of wildflowers, my allergies are at their peak of awfulness these days. I've tried every over-the-counter medicine out there, and nothing works. Should I suck up my doctors-offices-make-me-nervous stigma and just go?


  1. I feel the same way! When I moved to Provo to go to school it was the biggest town I have ever lived in :) And you may have already tried this but I have to use the 12-hour Zyrtec-D and take benadryl before I go to bed, maybe that will help you too.

  2. My allergies were soooo bad in Utah. Since I've moved to California they've been non existent! You look so cute. I love the stripes.

  3. I love wildflowers :) They're so pretty. Although I'm definitely a city girl. I can still appreciate the flowers though!

  4. That's the best kind of therapy, walking around outside on a nice day and just being.

  5. i love these weeds, wildflowers, whatever they are.
    and allergies suck.
    hope they get better.



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