Silver Lining: anatomy of an easy summer outfit

July 1, 2013

anatomy of an easy summer outfit

These days, you can find me in anything easy and low-key. Here's my go-to summer outfit for these hot 100 degree days:

Sunglasses: more often than not, you'll find these pushed on top of my head instead of covering my eyes. You'll also find me wearing my husband's aviators that I love to steal.

Air-dried hair: it's all about easy and low-key for me. I let my hair air-dry, and try to embrace the natural waves. It takes less time and is easy on my hair.

V-neck tee: I'm loving neutral v-necks to wear with my brighter skirts. And if it doesn't require an undershirt, even better.

Strappy sandals: my family calls these my Nephi sandals, but any sandal works for me :)

Knit skirt: I prefer skirts over shorts. I mean, given the choice between wearing pants and wearing no pants, what would you pick on a hot day? But seriously, I go for anything that's fun, colorful, and doesn't need a slip.

All-purpose tote: I got this one free from BYU's visual design department. On any given day, it has my phone, my nice camera, and some library books in it. It's a more casual summer purse alternative.

And there you have it! What you can typically find me wearing these days. I'm not a fashion blogger, but thanks, as always, for reading along as I document the little things in my life.

What's your go-to summer outfit?
Do you wear any of the above?
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  1. well i think you look stinkin cute.


  2. Ok, not a fashion blogger, you are stinkin cute! Where did you get your v-neck? I'm on the hunt for ones I don't have to wear an undershirt with. And that adorable skirt??? You are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! It's just a regular Target v-neck. Usually they're too low, but I found if I go down a size, it covers a lot more and it's still not too tight. PS you should change your account so you're not a no-reply blogger so I can reply to you in an email :)

  3. So cute Brooke! I wish my hair looked that good air dried!

    xo, Jessica

  4. so cute. my hair definitely cant air dry without looking like a crazy mess

  5. missy, where is your skirt from! Rachy loves! Also, I wear skirts a lot cuz we can't wear shorts to work. So skirts are the alternative haha!

  6. Totally agree on the strappy sandals!! Summer must have!


  7. You are gorgeous! And very svelt. I loved your post about your Mom. We are celebrating her today as well. I was often one of those people whom she would offer to help because "I was so busy" even though I knew that she always had more to do than I did. Still love her.

    1. Props for getting me to look up a word! And thanks Lisa. I love your comments, and that you celebrate her too.

  8. okay brooke - you are one sexy little girl.
    that needed to be said.

    and obviously your outfit is cute.
    and skirts over shorts any day - unless the day is beach day- than i'll take little shorts over my suit :)

  9. Love your style and your blog! I have been trying to figure out how to do the arrows pointing the the item. How do you do that?!?! New follower!


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