Silver Lining: links I love (+ moving!)

July 30, 2013

links I love (+ moving!)

The truth is, I had to move a pile of picture frames so I could sit at the table and write this.

Yes, we're in the midst of packing. Piles and piles of things to donate, garbage bags full of junk, and pictures stacked on the kitchen table. I consider myself a marginally clean person, but holy moly, one never knows how much stuff they have until they move! Cleaning out our master closet was an adventure

So, in the next few days, if things are a little quiet around this blog of mine, know that they're not quiet around my household :) They'll be filled with all-day school meetings followed by nights of packing tape, boxes, and sharpies scratching out "LIVING ROOM - FRAGILE."

The main purpose of this picture is so everyone can see how good I look in a mustache ;)

In the meantime...

+ I loved this article about how America's top 20 churches brand their website messages. Of the top 20 churches, only 3 actively use pictures of Jesus Christ on their website. 

+ This article. 20 things 20-year-olds don't get. It's one of those hard truth articles, but so good.

+ I disagreed with almost everything on this list (41 things to do before you have a baby). I don't think having a baby and purchasing your own home (or doing something nice for your parents, or going out for dinner) are mutually exclusive. What do you think?

+ This is one of my all-time favorite TED talks (especially the first half). Love me some JK Rowling.

+ You guys have to meet Angie. I first met her when she was the fabulous mom of one of my students last year (and when I say fabulous, I mean fabulous! You should have seen the cool hair she did for her daughter on holidays and such. Actually, you can see it! Click here.). She also consults for an online scrapbooking company called Close to My Heart. Nothing motivates me to be crafty like a nicely organized craft cupboard, and the organizers on this site are such a dream. Every month there's a new freebie you can download, and this month's "you make me happy" prints are so darling. The necklace and ring pictured below is something she made from one of the kits. Um, back to school present? Stop by and show Angie some scrapbooking love! Her contact info is on the site as well, if you're feeling strangely motivated to scrapbook like I am right now :)


  1. We might move and it's just kind of overwhelming to think about...yikes.

  2. I read that list of things to do before you have a baby and, on the whole, thought it was a load of rubbish and certainly doesn't apply to every couple (although there were some wise things in there i.e. think about if you want to be a SAHM). When it comes to the whole house thing, I don't think they are mutually exclusive, however think it is definitely down to personal opinion. I personally wanted to buy a house before we had kids because I would feel more comfortable that way however have many friends who have had kids and will buy a house later. Really it is up to the couple and what they feel most comfortable with :)

  3. I taught Angie's son! She is super cool and has an amazing voice :)

  4. That parenting list was a little weird. Some of it made sense, like saving money and talking about parenting, but it mostly seemed like a list of how to enjoy life without kids. And you should enjoy life before having kids, but if you tried to do every one of those things beforehand you're either really rich or 40 before you can consider kids!
    I do think you should enjoy kid free life though :)

  5. And the car idea was terrible! You don't have to buy a minivan before kids, but buy something sensible that you can resell later! Save the fancy cars for later in life.

  6. I actually am very glad that we own our house before having kids - we are established in it, we've already made the downpayment so we don't have to save up for that, we can just pay monthly now, which is only about 300 more than our rent was (ONLY! HA!)

    But the article must think we are all 35 and millionaires - take a dream vacation, take a road trip, go on a cruise, buy a car, buy a house! Those all cost so much money! Also, take a career risk - cause we already have enough money saved, might as well switch jobs. If it doesn't work out. Oh well!

  7. Thanks for the links! I also disagree with most of the things on that list. Plus, the earlier in life you have kids, the sooner they're grown up and out of the house, and then you can enjoy vacations and things afterward ;) That list makes me really sad that people think their life of adventure has to end with kids. Have they ever heard of grandparents and babysitters? Sure, some things change, but that seems like a selfish way to live.

  8. hmmmmm that list, ok i do want to go on one real vacation before, and it would be good to have a job. haha. i think they are all things that you should continue you doing while having kids or do after. however, i guess maybe if you didn't get married until you were 35 you would have already done some of these?

    good luck with the move, was it that place you wanted?

  9. Yeah, not really on board with that list either. It kind of has the same attitude as "when you get married, you die." Life changes, you adapt to it, and it is still awesome. Before and after marriage, before and after kids. The one I do agree with though, is enjoy alone time haha! Especially in the bathroom, it's so true. Taking a long shower is such a luxury after a baby :) But then again, splashing around with a baby is pretty fun too. Just go with the flow and enjoy things as they come.


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