Silver Lining: welcome to the treehouse

August 4, 2013

welcome to the treehouse

Around here, we name our homes.

Our first home was the lovenest, and it was pretty awesome for a lovenest. Small, furnished entirely with secondhand items donated by relatives, our first newlywed home together. We did all the important newlywed firsts there - the first time we forgot to get the mail for several days, the first time I burned dinner for us, the first time we slept right through church :)

This weekend, we moved to a new place. We made a trip over there the night before we moved in, with the express purpose of deciding what we would call it. (Also, it was that or keep packing, so, yeah.) We felt the carpet beneath our bare feet, we snapped these pictures, we laid on the hardwood floor, we tested the sound of the doorbell.

And then we looked out the window. A few gigantic old trees are outside, and from our vantage point on the third floor, we could see the tops of the branches and leaves. Coming from a basement apartment, where the only thing you can see is the top of the small shrubbery by the sidewalk, we felt like we were flying.

^^ blurry, I know, but still, Jason's becoming quite the photo snapper ^^

And so we decided our new home will be the treehouse.
So welcome to the treehouse!
I have a feeling this will be an awesome home for us.
Maybe I'll take more pictures if I ever get these boxes unpacked.

Does anyone else name their homes?


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  2. We name our cars. Never have named a house though. But we are moving in a new one in four weeks. I'll let you know if we come up with a name for it. :-) Looks like a nice place Brooke.

  3. I have never named a home... oh wait! our house is sometimes called the yellow dellow. Of course it is yellow. And we name our cars too ^^ But it looks like a great place!

    Seeing these pictures, reminded me of how cute you are! We should have another blogger picnic before you start school again!

  4. Aw congrats, now I want to name our house!


  5. so cute! the treehouse looks bright and spacious! love it!

  6. When we moved in next door we named out house The Breadbasket. It sounded warm and cozy and was the place we lived when we were getting smarter, kind of like The Breadbasket of ancient societies. I am finding out all these funny things that other married people do and we thought we were the only ones!

  7. We have never named our houses, but we do have fond memories of each of them. Our newlywed place was this tiny studio the size of our current living room, it was awesome. The second was in the US, the place where our first daughter was born. The third was where my parents came to visit the US for the first time, for my MA graduation. The fourth was where our second baby was born... and now we're here in our fifth place.

    Life is full of beautiful places and memories. :) Thank you for helping me reminisce.


    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  8. Brooke this looks awesome! Once you're in we need a skype date!!!!

  9. it looks amazing!!! I can't wait to see more of it!

  10. so happy for you guys :)


  11. i have never named a home, but we totally name our cars lol. so excited for you and your new place!


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