Silver Lining: anatomy of an easy fall outfit

September 9, 2013

anatomy of an easy fall outfit

Last night, it finally smelled like fall. You know you've made it to fall when the air gets crisp and cold and has that distinct (leafy?) smell in the evenings. As you know, I'm not a fashion blogger, but my sister snapped a few pictures of my outfit yesterday, and I realized it's kind of a signature look for me in the fall. My casual fall uniform, as it were. Here are the details:

Soft-curled way hair: Lately I've taken to showering in the evenings, and adding a few soft curls to my hair in the mornings. (Use a thick-barreled curling iron and hold the curls for only a few seconds for best results.) It's the easiest way to look put together and professional.

Metallic jewelry: In the fall, I love anything gold or metallic. Also, this is one of three necklaces that I actually wear, so I had to document it :)

Striped tee: bonus points if it's in a neutral color, so it can be worn with anything! I like this cream tee with gold stripes (it's so comfy).

3/4 sleeve jacket: This one is my all-time fave. The dark raspberry color is perfect for fall, and I love that I can wear it loose and open, or zip it up and cinch it closed. Layering in fall is a must, and this jacket provides the ideal outer layer for all those days when it's freezing in the morning but hot in the afternoon.

Favorite skinnies: dark wash, high waist, skinny cut. Amen. Good denim can never be underestimated, especially in the fall.

Ankle boots: Boots! Since it's fall! Ankle boots are a less bulky, cute, and popular option that I'm loving this year (although you know I'll be wearing my higher boots this fall as well). The ankle boots shown are surprisingly comfortable, and even look professional, so I can wear them to work.

And there you have it. My easy fall uniform.
What's your go-to look this fall?


  1. i love this look brooke.
    love the jacket.

    my fall go to look:
    legging pants
    oversize sweater or flannel
    and some booties of course


  2. Love this outfit! The color of the jacket is perfect for fall. Since we barely get a fall I usually stick with light cardigans and jeans. I rock the boots if it gets cool.


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