Silver Lining: just think of us as the sisterhood of the traveling pants

September 23, 2013

just think of us as the sisterhood of the traveling pants

How do you know you've just spotted a reunion of four girls that were best friends in middle and high school? Here are some telltale signs:

they giggle nonstop about nothing
they're really too old to giggle nonstop about nothing
they can't cartwheel, but that doesn't stop them from demonstrating their tumbling skillz in public places
they go to a paint-your-own-pottery studio for old times sake
they spend way too long making something that will probably turn out terrible (old times sake I say!)
following the pottery is another round of too much giggling
and chocolate
and doing weird things in public places (ahem the Sarah dance)

Sarah, Allison and Talisha, that was the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon I can think of. Let's do it again soon! (Christmas?)

 Even though they're going to kill me, I have to post this next one... cartwheels!

You know you have friends like this still.
How often do you get together?
Favorite things to do (besides act silly together)?

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