Silver Lining: Thanksgiving 2013

November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Recently, I was talking to a man from South Africa about Thanksgiving. He said how much he admires the concept of Thanksgiving in the US, the idea of a national holiday to remember your roots and give thanks in whatever way you wish for what you have. I thought it was such a good point - although it made me feel guilty because mostly I just love the holiday for the 5-day weekend and the food!

Thanksgiving yesterday was so fun. It was the first time in a couple years that we celebrated with my family, and I loved it! Sam and I slept in and read our books in bed for an hour or two on Thanksgiving morning. Then we went to two sets of grandparents houses for two sets of hanging with the family, talking, and of course eating. 

Here are some pictures from my granny and grandpa's house. I loved just hanging out with everyone before dinner started. And of course once the food came out I forgot to take any more pictures. Priorities, people. Priorities. And Sam was thankful that I was so distracted by the food that I didn't get a single picture with him ;)

Hope your Thanksgiving was great! I have so much to be thankful for every single day. 

P.S. I went Black Friday shopping for the first time last night. Target was a madhouse. Cops everywhere, crazy long lines, people pushing three carts, people running through the store, and a group in front of us in the line who had a liiiiitle too much to drink for Thanksgiving dinner. It was quite the experience!


  1. Ah I love these pictures, it's always fun to be home for the holidays to visit and spend time with family. I hope you had a great time! Last year was my first year attending the craziness that is Black Friday and it was most certainly my last lol. It's just not for me, I'd rather do Cyber Monday from the comfort of my own uncrowded home.

    Thanks for giving a little peak into your life!

    Best xoxo,

  2. Do you mean Thanksgiving 2013? Hahaha.
    love these photos!! Sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing holiday!

    1. Don't worry, my family has been making fun of me non-stop since last night when they realized my mistake. Ha! Blame it on the turkey?


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