Silver Lining: 24 on my 24th

December 19, 2013

24 on my 24th

1. I count constantly. Count the stairs to our apartment, the number of steps it takes to get from the kitchen to the bedroom, to 10 slowly before I get out of the shower.

2. Blood doesn't bother me, but needles sure do. I have to squeeze my eyes shut and take deep breaths the whole time when I'm getting a shot or my blood drawn.

3. Some nights, I'd rather curl up with a book than go out to a party.

4. When I'm tickled, I make all sorts of strange noises. Hisses, snorts, and the ugliest witch cackle the world has ever heard. Sometimes Sam thinks it's his duty to tickle me until some new weird sound comes out. Who knows what the neighbors think of us.

5. I'm not a breakfast person. Pour me a bowl of rice chex every morning for the rest of my life, and I'll be happy. A big breakfast upsets my stomach for the whole day.

6. I always have my nails painted. The one tell-tale sign that I'm super stressed and busy is that my nails are unpainted.

7. My patronus would definitely be something that lives in the water. Water is my element.

8. A pantsless world would be a better world. This will be my slogan when I run for mayor. I'll win for sure.

9. Speaking of when I run for mayor, when I'm elected the first thing I'll do is put a shaved ice stand every quarter mile throughout the city. And they'll all be open year round.

10. I sleep with tons of blankets. Mostly of the little fleece throw variety. One is named Blankie, because it's my favorite.

11. I have the best friends in the world. Last night some of my Oregon friends came over, helped me assemble 30 gift bags for my students, and gave me early birthday gifts (Al-o, Sarah and Talish, THANK YOU).

12. I love peppermint anything. 'Tis the season for bowls and bowls of peppermint ice cream!

13. Since I was born on the 19th of December, my 19th year was supposed to be my golden year. The first part of the year totally was, but my mom died in the second part of the year. I think golden birthdays are a myth now.

14. When I set my alarm at night, I check it at least 6 times. As in literally, I am unable to put down my phone until I have checked the alarm at least 6 times (10 on a bad night). It's OCD but I'm fine with it.

15. 78% of the time, donuts are just gross.

16. Half my class thinks I'm turning 21, and the other half thinks I'm 30. It's fine.

17. When I was a newborn, the hospital wrapped me in a stocking when I was going home. My parents laid me under the tree and took pictures of their new Christmas present. Or so the story goes :)

18. I really love Zumba, even though when I do it, I look like I'm having a seizure and imitating a wild ape at the same time.

19. I kissed a boy repeatedly for a 7th grade play, and my family hasn't stopped teasing me since. Hello, I was Juliet and he was Romeo. The kissing was unavoidable!

20. My favorite thing to do is relax in bed with my husband late at night. That's when we have our deepest discussions. It's also when we have our silliest moments.

21. Speaking of bedtime, I'm a grandma. 9pm is my bedtime. I blame teaching for making me such an early to bed and early to rise person!

22. When I woke up today, the roads were supposed to be covered in inches of new snow and ice. But guess what? Totally clear roads for my commute today. It's a birthday miracle.

23. I honestly love teaching. It's the hardest, most rewarding, and most meaningful thing I've ever done. The paycheck's not bad either (oh wait).

24. I'm going to go eat some ice cream now because it's my birthday. Graham Canyon. Mmmm. It's seasonal from the creamery, so I have to stock up when I can (still trying to figure out what season graham crackers are in?).

Happy birthday to me.


    these pictures of you are STUNNING. glad i'm not the only one who chooses a book over a party :)


  2. Aw happy birthday!!! Loved this!!! :) girl, I don't even want to see myself when I do Zumba HA!

    1. Right?? I wish the studio I go to didn't have mirrors on all sides haha. Way too many angles of myself being a weirdo!

  3. Happy Birthday! I just got some fresh, ripe graham crackers the other day, so winter must be their season! The Costco by my house told me that poppyseed muffins are seasonal, I haven't figured out their season yet either.

    1. Poppyseed muffins??! That's a crime! They're provided year round at our Costco!

  4. You are so beautiful! Happy birthday Brooke!

    And WOW! We are sooooo similar! I feel the same way about needles vs blood! I, too, am grateful for the car ride up to West Jordan today. I love teaching, even though it is super stressful! My students also can't guess my age right.

    1. Three cheers for non-snowy commutes, right? I wish I could say the same thing about today's commute :(

  6. Happy birthday!!!! I so wish we were friends in real life because so many of the things in your list are just like me ( pretty sure the girl at the doctors thought I was a complete baby today getting my blood drawn!)
    When do you start your break??

    1. I wish so too! I'd love to get lunch with you! Today is my last day before the break. Wahoo!

  7. What a sweet post! I'm in love with your top! Where is it from? Happy late bday!


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