Silver Lining: the one thing I both love and resent completely

December 9, 2013

the one thing I both love and resent completely

Snow. Snow. Snow.

I love the snow. Growing up as an Oregonian girl, white Christmases were one of those quaint things you just imagine about. Now that I live in Utah, we actually have white Christmases. It's amazing. Think of snowmen! Snow angels! Snow on pine trees! Snowball fights and sledding! Think of curling up with a blanket and watching the snow fall while Bing Crosby plays in the background. Think of peaceful, soft, quiet nights blanketed in snow. Not to mention, my husband would never have started dating me if he hadn't sustained a concussion once when we went sledding together (but that's a different story).

So honestly, I love the snow. But here's when snow crosses the line and I start to resent it:
  • Snowy commutes. Nothing stresses me out more than waking up to new layer of snow and knowing I have to drive 30 minutes in it. I usually leave before the snow plows get out, and my little Corolla, well, is just a little Corolla.
  • When it's too cold and my kiddos can't go outside for recess. They're fine for a day or two, but after that they need to get out and get moving! (Incidentally, we did part of this kids exercise video on Friday. It's super weird, but they loved it and it helped them get their energy out.)
  • When the snow sticks around into the far reaches of April. In December snow adds to the holiday atmosphere, in January and February it makes for a picturesque winter, but by March it starts getting annoying, and by April it needs to be gone! Let's not talk about the year it snowed in May.

So far, snow and I have been on relatively good terms this year. Except for two hairy days of commute (bless my carpool buddy for driving on both those days), I've been loving the snow this year. Saturday night, we watched the snow fall as we decorated the tree with our best friends. It was such a good moment, and I thought - bring on the snow! Bring on everything Christmas related! As long as you don't bring on too many more days of inside recess, bring on that white Christmas :)


  1. i think snow is nice for a visit, but can't handle it much longer than that. blech. sorry. i like looking at it from afar. its just the whole i'm clumsy and the icy sidewalks and stuff that i hate the stress of for the few months it was around haha. but it does make for an occasional nice picture haha.

  2. Hehe, I feel exactly the same way! I absolutely love snow around Christmastime. :) I do feel your pain with the indoor recesses and such though! Best of luck until Christmas break!

  3. I love the snow, but I hate the cold and I hate the commute from Provo to West Jordan I have to take in my 98 Mercury Grand Marquis without 4 wheel drive or snow tires.


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