Silver Lining: Elder Wilson the 8-foot snowman

January 7, 2014

Elder Wilson the 8-foot snowman

*This post was written during those lovely, lazy days of winter break. Now that I'm back to the grind, sleeping in and playing in the snow sounds even more heavenly!*

When my family goes out to play in the snow, we REALLY play in the snow. First we have to go through the half hour process of tugging on long socks, snow pants, boots, gloves, hats, and scarves. Then you have to yell "who stole my left boot??" loud enough until someone finds your boot and passes it to you. Bonus points if you can zip your winter coat over all those layers without feeling like you're suffocating yourself. (Anyone else get that claustrophobic feeling when they first put on their snow clothes?)

Then it's time for the real fun. Snowball fights, snow forts, snowmen, sledding, you name it! I didn't let myself go down any crazy hills while sledding this year due to my "delicate condition" as my brother calls it, but it was still fun. We built three different snowmen this year, the largest of which we dubbed Elder Wilson after my brother who's a missionary in Colombia right now. We put a tie and an old missionary tag on him and took pictures by him for our family Christmas card.

We love playing in the snow! At least for about an hour, at which point I get cold and prefer sitting inside with a blanket to warm my toes :)

What about you?
Love playing in the snow, or hate it?
And P.S. this snowman is reminding me 
of the gigantic one I once helped build my freshman year.
13 feet tall at least, and it was awesome.


  1. this is so fun! totally reminded me of childhood. why is everyone only wearing t shirts in the last few pictures?! burr!

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Too funny you made a snowman for your brother :D Such fun pictures! I wish we had gotten a little snow this year that we could have played in.

  3. So fun! You guys got so much snow, we just got the freezing temps. Jealous :)


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