Silver Lining: an afternoon in downtown Provo

February 7, 2014

an afternoon in downtown Provo

My oldest blogging friend Elisabeth was in town this past week, and not seeing her was not an option.

We chose to try out Station 22 for lunch with our friend Carly. I know I'm years late to the Station 22 party (I blame every single one of my Provo friends for not making me go sooner), but I loved it. My brother says it's the most hipster restaurant in town, but hey, if hipster means '40s music, old-fashioned sodas, and lemon water served out of mason jars, sign me up as a hipster.

And, if you go, do yourself a favor and get the Jack Kerouac burger. So delicious! Top it off with Virgil's Black Cherry Cream soda, and you'll be a happy camper. Or, in this case, a happy hipster.

Us three and my bump (which is looking like an actual bump these days!). Thanks, ladies, for the great conversation and catching up!

Ever been to Station 22?
Favorite menu item there?
Also.... I'm free for lunch every single Saturday.
Let's do it.


  1. My phone is freaking out so hopefully this doesn't show up 3 times. I'm so sad I didn't see Elizabeth when she was here. I haven't been to this place either. Lunch and pictures sometime soon?

  2. i love station 22. i mean i guess i haven't been for almost like a year or something, but its good. it looks a lot different from the last time i went. but they make good food.
    also i want bump pictures.


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