Silver Lining: feeling good in February (+ February goals)

February 3, 2014

feeling good in February (+ February goals)

This weekend was a weird ending to a weird month. My weekend was full of plans, and then last-minute changes. My husband was going to leave me in favor of camping in the snow with 14-year-old boys for church, and then at the last minute, he didn't have to go. It was going to be a quiet movie night with Jason, and then it ended up being a fun date night out. I was going to meet up with a friend later that night, and then, I wasn't. We were going to go on a double date with another couple, and then, abruptly, we weren't. I wasn't going to go to the gym, and then I did.

That's kind of how my whole January went. It was an on-again, off-again kind of thing. Just when I'd get into a groove, that groove would be thrown off. But now it's February! I have a good feeling about February. My bump is getting rounder, I'm cooking more, my workouts are getting into a good routine, and with any luck, the weather will get a little warmer too.

I've been making monthly goals this year, and I love it. With a baby on the way, I knew that New Years Resolutions would look different than most years. I mean, my goal is to gain 25 pounds before July, and then lose it before Christmas (crazy!). With the baby and uncertain future plans, I knew that month to month goals would be a lot more effective than goals for my entire, crazy, changing year.

Here are my goals for February:
+ finish Gallows Thief and re-read Emma
+ buy a crib
+ keep up my exercise schedule
+ have a great round of parent teacher conferences
+ feel my baby move
+ read my scriptures every day

Here are some of my favorite posts of January, in case you missed them:
Happy February!

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  1. Please can I help with the buying the crib part? !!!


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