Silver Lining: funny things pregnant women say and do

February 27, 2014

funny things pregnant women say and do

I never understood why pregnant women say and do these things. And then I got pregnant, and I totally do all of them.
  • I'm ___ weeks along! I never understood why pregnant women tell how far along they are in weeks, not months. Why make us do the week-to-month conversions? But now that I'm pregnant, I always think of my pregnancy in weeks, never in months. Months are wayyyyy too long to count by.
  • I'm ___ weeks and five days! Do those five little days really matter? Can't you just round to the nearest week? No, people, now that I'm pregnant, I can testify. Every single day counts! And don't you dare round those five days to the nearest week!
  • I can't believe how big my baby is! When their fetus is 3 inches long. And, by the way, my baby is 10.5 inches long, and no, I can't believe how big she is :) 
  • Posting ultrasound pictures - As a general rule, aren't internal organs on the permanent do-not-display-in-public list?? I swore I'd never do this before I got pregnant. I mean, who even cares about seeing the inside of my womb? Buuuuut now that I have cute blurry black-and-white photos of my womb.... I have to stop myself from posting one of those bad boys a day.
  • Belly pics before they even have a real belly - guilty as charged. And I swore I had a tiny belly back then too! (fine, it's still pretty tiny even now)
  • Posting about weird pregnancy symptoms - Look, I woke up with acne all over my chest! I've barfed 5 times today! My gums bleed every time I brush my teeth! Never things people should post about - unless they're pregnant. Then it's so reassuring for other moms-to-be to know you're not the only ones.
  • Assigning character traits to your unborn fetus - If they don't cooperate in an ultrasound, it's not a natural squirming reaction to something poking them, it's them proving that they have a mind of their own! If they're kicking you, they're feisty and independent. If they keep showing off their little manhood in an ultrasound, they're acting just like their daddy ;) (An actual quote from my friend who had a baby boy a few years ago haha)
  • Resting the hand on the belly - I've seen moms-to-be balance cups, utensils, and whole plates of food on there! It's a talent. 

You know what's so great though? I love when pregnant women post these things! I'm a first-time mom, and if I'm feeling a certain way, even if it's cliche, I'm going to post it. I want to embrace this crazy, weird, but SUPER exciting thing that's changing our lives. I promise I'm not making fun of any moms out there, especially since I'm guilty of every single one of these myself :)

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What did I miss?
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  1. you are so cute. i'm sure all of these are accurate, however, i've never had a child so i wouldn't know for suresies. cant wait to see your little bebe.


  2. haha brooke, this is so perfect. i can't think of any more off the top of my head, but you really got it with this list! i love it.

  3. LOVE this list. It's so acurate and so true! I'm learning that us pregnant women are just a breed of our own it seems haha

  4. Hahaha I love this. I swore I would never do any of it and I'm guilty of every item on your list! Haha.


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