Silver Lining: a little bit about having a blended family

March 24, 2014

a little bit about having a blended family

These are the amazing women in my family. Usually we're scattered far and wide, leading our own separate lives. But this weekend, we were all able to come together and spend time doing things we love. Meg-o flew in from Texas and we were all here, talking about Ellie's upcoming wedding (can't wait for her to officially be a sister!), shopping for prom dresses for the twins, and baking a delicious cake (AND muddy buddies AND key lime pie AND...)

I would never have guessed in a million years that the Smith girls would ever be my sisters. Growing up, our families were best friends (if families can have a collective best friend, that is). We went on vacations together and celebrated holidays together and were constantly walking through the grassy lot and down the block to get to each other's houses. Thinking about my dad remarrying ANYONE after my mom's death was extremely hard for me, but I always knew that if if had to be anyone, it would have to be the Smiths. And now we're officially one big family. No more block and a half between us, and now we celebrate all holidays together whether we like it or not! ;) Luckily, we like it. Having all these sisters is so fun, and I love when I'm invited up to their house to be with the family.

Here's to girls weekends that include lots of nail painting, laughing, chick flicks, and just being together in general. I sure love these ladies!

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  1. sweetest post! loved hearing about your family! Xo


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