Silver Lining: a more professional maternity look

March 17, 2014

a more professional maternity look

My maternity wardrobe is getting more limited by the day when it comes to super professional clothes. When I wore this, I had to give an after-school presentation (in which, if I did well, everyone on my team gets $600. If I didn't do well, we may get less money, or we may be out of luck altogether. No pressure though!) The pants are pre-maternity, and they were shamelessly unbuttoned underneath my shirt. I love to wear blazers too because they add a lot of easy shape, form, and professionalism to my maternity clothes. Add that to my lifelong propensity for jewel tones, and I guess you could call this a classic Brooke outfit. Whatever that means :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
And any tips on comfortable but professional maternity wear?


  1. A lot of my pre-maternity tops were baby-doll tops (tighter around bosom, but loser around bottom) or just loose fitting shirts that require an undershirt. I can still wear almost all of them, but will have to buy new cap-shirts or undershirts to fit. I'm really just suffering in the pants department--I have to buy maternity pants.

    1. Amen! The pants are where it gets REALLY tricky these days.

  2. Target has pretty good maternity pants! So does motherhood... and embarrassingly... the Jessica Simpson maternity brand haha. It's worth it to pay a little more for a classic pair of maternity pants/bottoms. They will carry you through several babies!! Also, you look darling :)

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