Silver Lining: I have this theory about books

April 1, 2014

I have this theory about books

My theory is simple, and not even original. My husband says it's the most teacherish theory he's ever heard. I told him teacherish is not a word, which is in fact a very teacherish thing to say, I will admit. My theory is this:

If you don't like to read, you haven't found the right book yet.

Take my husband for example. He's not a huge reader, but if you set a Dan Brown or a Halo book in front of him, you won't see him for two days straight. My step-mom loves biographies and anything with lots of history in it. I had a student at the start of the year who read NOTHING. Wandered around bored during library time, got zeroes on his book reports, could hardly even finish the book he had to read for a test. Honestly I loved the challenge of a student like that. It's like a game, trying to find out what type of book will make that student love to read. Turns out his teacher from last year mentioned his love of mysteries to me one day. Mysteries! Why didn't I think of that before?! And now, as long as I point him toward a good mystery, he reads all the time.

I love reading, and it's because I've found my genre: realistic fiction. Some people say fiction is the genre for the weakest of minds, that it's fluff instead of facts, but I honestly cannot get enough of it (and don't get me started about the immeasurable academic benefits of fiction. just don't.). The classics, the new stuff, the young adult fiction- I love it all! Leave the facts on the shelf and hand me a good fiction book, and I'll be a happy girl.

It's taken a long time to find the type of book that makes my Jason love reading. All fiction is out (no fantasy, no mystery, no poetry, no action books). He likes some comic books. But mostly this is his genre: non-fiction, fact-based, middle grade books, preferably about the following topics: molecules, atomic bombs, evolution, or how the brain works. I know, could you get more specific?? It's worth the search though, to find a book he can't put down. Incidentally, if you happen to know a book that fits into those categories, please let me know!

So yes. If you don't love to read yet, keep looking. The perfect book is out there. You'll find it, I promise. And now I sound like I'm giving a fireside to adults who aren't married but wish they were. So that's special. I'm done now.

In other news:

  1. I played the same April Fools prank on my class this year as I did last year. It was a crazy day of testing, assemblies, etc., but I found a few extra minutes to sneak it in. And might I say it went off swimmingly this year, although no one cried this time around. Read about the prank HERE.
  2. Tomorrow, I'm off for my three-day camping adventure! Things will be a little quiet here on the digital western front. Just know that they definitely won't be quiet where I am, traipsing about with 140 hyper kids! Bring it on, kiddos!
  3. All images in this post via my Quotability board on Pinterest.

What's your genre?
Favorite newest realistic fiction book you've read?
PS find me on Goodreads here to see what I've been reading and loving.


  1. I feel the same way about reading and books! It's just that you have to find your reading niche!

  2. It's funny ... last year, you said you would tell them you were pregnant or something and now you are! :] Glad there was no crying this year!

  3. Completely agree. Every single kid in my class loves to read and I think it's because I let them read what they want. One of my lower readers has every single book on bats from our classroom library crammed in his box. He loves reading them.
    It's not realistic per se but I just finished Margot. The author escapes me. It's basically a retelling of what Margot Frank (sister of Anne Frank) would be like if she survived. It kept me so riveted I finished it in one night and reread it multiple times until I had to return it to the library!

  4. I absolutely agree with this theory! I want to help people find a book that will make them love reading! And I looove young adult. It's the bomb :) I tried reading the adult section when I turned 18 but no, I just couldn't do it.


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