Silver Lining: the day we became hodads

April 13, 2014

the day we became hodads

One of our favorite stops in San Diego was Ocean Beach, California. We originally ended up in Ocean Beach by accident, but it was the best wrong turn of our trip. This was the town that epitomized the "Southern California" feel. You know, sun-kissed skin, daisy dukes, bikinis on top. Swimsuits were the required dress code, and real clothes were strictly optional. The average age had to be about 25, and everyone had either a dog, a surfboard, or a cigarette in hand (all three if you're really cool). They even had a designated sidewalk for people with big surfboards to walk on. We walked all over the town, and then we walked to the end of the pier and back.

^^ bougainvillea was all over the place in Cali. So gorgeous. ^^

^^ I don't always convince this bearded man to take a picture with me, but when I do... ^^

And then we stopped at Hodad's for lunch. Edit: I should say something more epic than "stopped at." We experienced Hodad's. We had our mind's blown by Hodad's. But seriously, it was SO good. Sam couldn't even fit his whole burger in his mouth. And now I'm a firm believer that every chocolate malt should come with a huge slab of ice cream in it. I already want to go back!

^^ these license plates were cracking us up ^^

According to the waiter, a Hodad is a non-surfer who hangs out with the surfer dudes on the beach; a poser. I guess, after that afternoon spent in Ocean Beach, we qualify as hodads. And honestly, if it means 80 degrees, sunny, watching surfers, and eating the world's best burger, I'm not too sad about it :)

Ever been to Ocean Beach?
P.S. watch Hodad's on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives HERE.


  1. That sounds so fun! Oh and that beard is nuts!!

    1. His beard was so out of control on that trip! Haha. He's crazy :) He was so sad when he trimmed it down last night for church and real life.

  2. Did you ever see someone with a surfboard, dog, and cigarette?

    1. Yeah, the coolest of the cool kids. It's actually a pretty impressive balancing act to carry all three at once :)

  3. Hello lots of beird! Glad you had fun together :)


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