Silver Lining: sugar and spice and everything nice

June 10, 2014

sugar and spice and everything nice

A list of cliches I swore I wouldn't use to describe my family baby shower:

  • the cutest ever
  • so fun
  • loved every second of it
  • amazing and generous family
  • darling decorations
  • delicious food
  • spoiled baby girl rotten
  • I have the best family ever

But, darn it all, sometimes those cliches are the only thing to say! So sue me. (Please don't actually sue me.) (It was just another cliche.) Because I really do have the best family ever, and they threw me an amazing shower. Thank you so much Grace, Julie, Grandma, Maddie, Jen, Julianne, and everyone else who helped! 

I know, right? They outdid themselves.

Also of note: I know there's a way to add the accent marks to the e in cliche, but I'm too lazy to look it up. Sorry, world, and sorry Monsieur Raney for not using a single thing I learned in French class all those years ago.

Last thing: I went to Target yesterday... $200 later and I think I finally have everything I need for Father's Day, labor, delivery, and baby girl to come! So crazy to think that I'll be full term in a few days and she could come anytime. Although I still swear I'll be that lady who finally gets induced in the middle of July at 42 weeks pregnant...


  1. wow, they did such a great job! i love the pink everywhere! we just found out last night that my sister is having a boy, so we've gotta start planning for that and these are some great ideas (although, we might use more blues and greens ;)) congratulations, girl!

    1. Baby showers are so fun to plan for. Good luck on yours! Love greens and blues for a baby boy shower.

  2. Thanks for posting these pictures, Brooke! I'm soo sad I couldn't be there, but so glad that it was a fun party :) I can't wait to meet your daughter!!

    1. Maddie, it was awesome!! I loved the sign and the pictures and everything! Thank you so much for everything you did to make it great!

  3. Oh how cute!!! Love the finger nail polish idea!

    1. It's cute, huh? Wish I could take credit for it :)


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