Silver Lining: New Mommy Moment: Featuring Corina and Cecilia

July 11, 2014

New Mommy Moment: Featuring Corina and Cecilia

While I'm home resting with my sweet new baby (she still has her days and her nights mixed up, which makes for one tired mama!), I asked some of my favorite mommy bloggers to share a funny memory they have of being a first-time mom. I have loved reading these two stories, and I hope you do too.

Corina from Corina's Corner:

One time Reagan had a huge blow out while we were driving the Alpine Loop. We stopped to change her at the very top and we only had 1 wipe. ONE! I thought we had another package in the diaper bag but we didn't! Luckily a lady with a cute baby just happened to walk by, so I asked her if she could spare a few wipes for a blow out. Haha. Bless that woman! I'm not sure what we would have done without her kind wipe sharing. I'm afraid that the Alpine Loop might forever be named the Poop Loop in our family just because of this incident. Despite the blowout, we still had a really good time.

And Cecilia from Dearest Lou:

Hello Silver Lining Readers! I'm Cecilia, from Dearest Lou, a life and style blog. I'm so excited for Brooke and her new little addition and can't wait to hear about her experiences as a new mama. Brooke asked me to share a funny moment that has happened since becoming a mama and a perfect moment happened just the other day.

Zaden recently discovered air vents and has a fascination with trying to stick all sorts of items into them. Luckily, most items he tries simply won't fit and I'm usually keeping a very close eye on him. Anyway, I head to the gym for about an hour every day and when I got home yesterday I noticed 2 of my debit cards hanging for dear life inside the air vent! I quickly asked my husband to help me and we retrieved my debit cards and decided to see if anything else fell inside. Long story short we ended up pulling out 4 combs out of our air vents yesterday. Moral of the story: never leave a toddler unsupervised by an air vent.

Thank you so much Corina and Cecilia! They were so great to post for me today. I turned off comments - go visit their blogs and leave some love instead!

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