Silver Lining: New Mommy Moment: Featuring Karina and Megan

July 8, 2014

New Mommy Moment: Featuring Karina and Megan

New motherhood can be a time of exhaustion, difficult transitions, and stress. But I also think it can be a fun and happy time! I love hearing funny stories of new parents and babies. While I'm home resting and cuddling my sweet girl, I asked some of my favorite mommy bloggers to share a newborn moment that made them smile. I have two bloggers here today to share a moment with you!

First up is the beautiful Karina of Mr. and Mrs. Powell:

The innocence of a first timer

Hearing that first cry from the womb sends literal chills down every part of your body. I will never forget that first time I held my sweet baby. The love you feel in that moment is indescribable. That being said, I don't know why the heck I dreamed of getting up and roaming the hospital after having a child but that's how I dreamed it up in my head. I don't think I realized I would be stuck in a bed hooked to machines and in just a little bit of pain:) I can still picture this scene in my head- Baby is screaming (you have no idea why), it's some odd hour in the middle of the night, and my sweet husband is attempting his first EVER diaper change (HAHA- talk about a sight to see). All of the sudden it's real. The adrenaline of labor is gone and it hits you like a freight train. We are parents! How did this happen so quickly!? Looking back, I can't help but laugh at the innocence of a first time parent. We felt so clueless in that hospital room. And most days I still do. Somehow we learn as we go. We make mistakes, but we do a lot of things right too:) If I could know one thing as a first time mommy, it would be to not stress the little things. Time passes way too fast! Trust me.

And here's the amazing Megan, who blogs at And Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson:

I was so hopped up on crazy postpartum hormones after my son was born that everything made me upset and cry. I was so nervous to be a new mom, to have the responsibility of raising & training this innocent little person that I was sure I was going to mess up or pass on some terrible abnormality. One particular night, I was talking on the phone with my mom after nursing my newborn son and I started crying because I was sure that my son had my nose. "He has the 'Patterson nose,' Mom!! It's big and wide like mine. He's going to be messed up. I hate my nose and now I gave it to my kid! I ruined him!!" I am not exaggerating that this was my conversation with my mom. My mom and I still laugh and joke about this crazy outburst. And the funny thing after all this, is Ilove my son's little nose! I think it's adorable and ever since he was a tiny baby that was my favorite spot to give him little kisses. 

So moral of the story: postpartum hormones are l e g i t and can definitely make you say crazy things! Write them down and in a few months or so it will just be a good laugh. :) 

A huge thank you to Karina and Megan for sharing their honesty and their funny moments with me. No comments here today - go find their blogs and give them some love instead!

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