Silver Lining: hey batter batter

August 20, 2014

hey batter batter

Inspiration struck at 6am while I was nursing and watching an old Psych episode.  I was looking for something engaging to do for Monday family night (we've been in a major family night rut). Something in the episode made me remember - baseball! The batting cages! Why didn't I think of this earlier!? Sam and Jason were raised on baseball, so I made a plan to go.

I maybe probably definitely got too excited about this, because I made our trip to the batting cages a surprise. As in I literally blindfolded my boys so they wouldn't know where we were going until we got there. I'm a special kind of crazy, and bless their souls for being so good about it.

It was really fun to do something new together. The boys were good at it, and took turns hitting. I even stepped in the cage once to solidify the fact that my batting average would be .0000001 :) Baby girl couldn't care less about family night and slept through the entire evening. And then we stopped for a slurpee on the way home. All in all, I counted it as a success.

To my local readers: we went to Trafalga, and at only $6 total for helmets, bats, and unlimited balls for our whole family, it was definitely affordable.

Ever been to the batting cages?
I'm still in the market for more fun activities. 
Send ideas my way please!

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