Silver Lining: life in black and white

August 13, 2014

life in black and white

The last week of summer break always brings out the bipolar in me. Half of me thinks that we need to run around crazier than ever and cram in all those summer things we won't be able to do when school starts. Quick, to the pool! To the snow cone stand before it closes for the winter! Let's leave the state for an adventure! And the other half of me feels like everyone needs to stay home and soak in the ability to be completely lazy if we want to (and we want to). Sleep in while we still can, enjoy the lazy days, have movie marathons at night.

Here are a few snapshots from one of those quiet afternoons at home.

It's no-pants Wednesday (and Thursday, and Friday, and...)

Jason's summer project was to learn claymation (I know, he has the coolest hobbies of any teenager you've ever met). Our kitchen table has been taken over by camera set-ups and three-inch clay figures.

Strawberries - always a favorite summer snack

Baby girl has been sleeping through the night, and we're completely baffled. We have no idea what lottery we won, but we keep waiting for it to be some big elaborate prank. Like someone's going to pop out from the crib one night and shout "JK!! She's going to be up all night again!" If she's been sleeping for 7 hours straight consistently for two weeks, do we dare think this is not a fluke but a habit?

A few days ago, I went shopping to buy myself some shorts that I desperately need. Instead, I came home with some leggings and bows for baby girl. I didn't even try on a pair of shorts. Why is it that little people are so much more fun to dress?


  1. You are so lucky your baby girl is sleeping through the night! Rhys gets up once or twice a night.

    1. It's so weird. I was gearing up for months of sleepless nights, followed by terrible sleep training battles. And then she just slept. Weird! Every baby's good at something different, I guess. Your baby is great at tummy time! Claire hates it :)

  2. Thanks. I've been super into black and white lately for some reason. I just think they're beautiful. And yes, we're definitely hoping the sleeping is a habit too! Thanks for the comment Jade!

  3. Take it! I kept waiting for Elsie to stop being a good sleeper and easy baby and it never happened. Yay for Claire!

    1. Yeah. We're not sure what we did right, but we'll take it! And we keep thinking we're going to get a devil child next to make up for how great Claire is :)


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