Silver Lining: one month

August 1, 2014

one month

You know how you hear moms say "I can't believe how big my baby is now!" and you think they're crazy because their baby is still pretty darn tiny and baby-ish? Yeah. It turns out I am one of those crazy moms. Our little squish turns one month old today, and I swear she's so big now. Her face looks totally different than the baby I gave birth to. And I have a little hunch that I'll be saying "I can't believe how big my baby is now!" for the rest of my life. Buckle up, people, the crazy mom club is here to stay :)

At one month, our little Eclaire:

+ has the most kissable chubby cheeks in the world

+ will sleep for hours and hours if she's being held, but not very long in her crib

+ is barely starting to grow out of her newborn size clothes and into 0-3 month clothes

+ hates getting wet - wipes, swimming, bathtime. You name it, she screams!

+ is still the master of sleep smiles, and has started trying to smile when she's awake too

+ loves to open her wide eyes and look around at everything (especially lights)

+ is a natural side-sleeper

+ will wiggle her whole body to snuggle up closer to whoever's holding her (it is SO CUTE)

+ goes by Squish, Squeaks, Eclaire, Baby Girl, and basically anything except her actual name


  1. Oh my goodness I can't believe it's been a month!! She is the most DARLING thing ever!! Beautiful photos :)


  2. She is a doll. I'm so happy for you!

  3. Oh my goodness Brooke, she is amazing! You are right, those eyes...

  4. Love her cute face. So fun watching you become a mom.

  5. She is ADORABLE and her eyes are so amazing!

  6. These photos are just perfection- I can't believe how quickly she's growing!

  7. she is just one beautiful baby! :) congrats! so precious~

  8. goodness. what a little lady she already is!

  9. Awww she's just so darling and sweet! Cute photo's!

  10. what a gorgeous little girl you have!


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