Silver Lining: the best of simple little weekends

November 9, 2014

the best of simple little weekends

This weekend was one of the best I've had in a long time. We didn't have many plans for the weekend, but it sort of unfolded itself in a wonderful, relaxing way. Isn't it funny how the little unplanned things often turn into the best things?

On Friday, Sam and I went on a date. It was kind of last-minute, and we didn't have much planned. We ended up at our favorite local park, playing frisbee golf with a terrible old frisbee (if high score won, I'd be in the national championships). Then we began trying to scare each other in the woods and laughing like eight-year-olds before eating at a yummy taco place we'd never been to before. Often, our time as a couple centers around adult subjects- jobs, grad schools, kids, financial planning or lack thereof, blah blah blah - so it was really fun to just relax together. And then we stopped at the grocery store on the way home and got candy (see previous comment about how we're eight years old).

Saturday was a perfect mixture of relaxing, running errands, getting chores done, and getting in a good old-fashioned nap. We did a lot of snuggling baby girl, and enjoying this abnormally gorgeous November weather. We also went to a family lunch. It was so great to spend some time with cousins I don't see very often (and some siblings I don't see very often, for that matter!).

Sunday was spent at church, relaxing with my family, and baking a yummy dessert to enjoy with our favorite friends. Baking is a relative word, as the raspberry bars I made stemmed mostly from a boxed mix - but still, it was delicious.

I made Jason snap a few pictures Saturday evening when we stumbled upon this magical clearing with two horses in it. We've driven past the clearing loads of times, but we've only seen the horses one other time. Now I'm convinced that the horses are actually unicorns in disguise and the Emery family is now blessed with the gift of flight since the horses looked right at us and whinnied. It's totally normal.

Three cheers for simple little weekends, am I right?
And who's with me about the magical unicorn thing, because I'm serious about it...

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