Silver Lining: what I'm truly grateful for

November 27, 2014

what I'm truly grateful for

Honestly, I had a different type of blog post ready for today. It was a long list of things I was grateful for. It was a good list, don't get me wrong, and it included some things I really am glad I have, such as warm water and warm air after a week of no heat and only cold water.

But then, this morning, I got up and had so much fun playing with my baby girl. I bathed her and put her down for a nap as the boys rushed around getting ready for the Turkey Bowl. And it really got me thinking. What I'm grateful for the most, out of anything, is my family. So I'm erasing my list, and making a new one. It's shorter, but better.

I'm grateful for Sam, for his work ethic, for his kindness, and for encouraging me in every single thing I want to do. He takes the baby during church and does the dishes every night, and I'm grateful for his service and his love.

I'm grateful for Jason, for his great attitude and for how hard he's been working at school this year. I'm grateful for his boundless creativity and imagination, and for how deeply he thinks about important things.

I'm grateful for Claire. I'm grateful that she's such a happy baby and that she makes people happy wherever we go. I'm grateful that she's a good sleeper and a good eater. It's weird how it feels like she was always a part of this family, how she filled a little spot in our family dynamic that makes us all a little kinder and a little happier.

Happy Thanksgiving!
There is so much to be glad about.
What are you thankful for the most?

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  1. Beautiful! That's what I'm truly thankful for as well this year.


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