Silver Lining: Merry Christmas from the Emery family

December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Emery family

Christmas cards have been on my to-do list for months. Tonight, I'm facing the fact that they're just not going to happen this year. So instead, here's a mostly-current picture that I spent five minutes editing in PicMonkey just now. That's the nest best thing, right? Signed, sealed, and delivered to a computer screen near you.

Side note: Are regular printed cards becoming a thing of the past? My parents always hang their Christmas cards on the door to the back deck, and this year there are less than half of the cards they used to get. Maybe this digital age has overtaken Christmas cards along with everything else, and people will send their holiday greetings via social media now? Or maybe my parents are just way less popular this year. Ha! Has anyone else received less cards than usual?

Things will be quiet around here this week. I'm taking a few days off from blogging to be with my family for Christmas. I'll be back to bring you the annual big Year In Review link-up. A few people have asked me if I'm doing it this year. You bet I am! Get those blog posts ready!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


  1. Yes, I get fewer and fewer cards each year it seems. It makes me sad. I do have a free friends that send e cards or even videos as a more green option. I live cards though.

    1. AH the balance between living green and getting fun cards in the snail mail! And yes, I totally agree that fewer and fewer cards are being sent.


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