Silver Lining: snow day happenings

January 4, 2015

snow day happenings

Snow! That fluffy white stuff that I love for a day or two and then passionately hate until April when it finally melts :) It didn't snow for a long time here in Provo, but when it did snow - it really snowed! 

Here are a few snowy activities we've been doing lately. It's fun when Sam has some days off work to spend with us (even though we missed Jason when he went to visit family this break).


We went with our friends on the coldest day in December, so this ended up being a five-minute quick stop. It was just too cold to stay out and admire the tree! It was practically deserted though (nobody else was crazy enough to freeze their buns off outside!) so it was beautiful. 


We put Claire in a too-big boys snowsuit for her first snow experience (you have to make do with what you have, right?). I didn't think too much of it until a neighbor asked me who the cute boy was that I was playing with in the snow. Haha! Sorry Claire! 

At first she liked the snow, and then she realized how cold it was, and then she realized she can't move her legs in that gigantic snowsuit, and it was all downhill from there. Poor girl. She has photo-crazy parents who feel the need to document everything, even when she's sitting in the snow crying :)


Sometimes, it's nice to escape the snow and go somewhere indoors and warm. I have a serious love for aquariums, but I have to admit, the new aquarium we went to didn't live up to my expectations. Maybe because it looks so cool from the outside so I expected to be totally blown away by what was inside. Maybe because the last aquarium I went to was SeaWorld, and you just can't top that. Or maybe because it was super crowded. But the shark tunnel did live up to the hype! I love shark tunnels.


Our family walk turned out much shorter than we planned. I only took about five pictures total (and apparently they were all of trees). Note to people everywhere: babies are much more portable when being carried through the snow than when you're trying to push a stroller through the snow. Next time we'll strap her in the baby carrier and have much more success!

Next up - sledding!
Are you a snow lover or a snow hater?
And also - real life? Starts again tomorrow? What?


  1. Not ready for real life and I HATE the snow. I love your pictures and the tree of life sounds awesome!

  2. This all seem like fun activities - I love the snow day pictures and the tree pictures (all of them) are quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing some snippets of your winter with us.

    We haven't had snow here where we are in the UK, although other areas have. I kind of wanted snow, mostly so Alexander can have his first snow day experience, but I know after a day or two of it I'd be complaining. Haha!
    Bits & Bobs


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