Silver Lining: the best of all the Clairegrams

January 7, 2015

the best of all the Clairegrams

Instagram is my favorite form of social media (besides this blog? on some days even surpassing this blog? can I say that on my blog?). Sometimes, I'll instagram something, and then reference it later and people who don't have instagram are like "why didn't I ever see that!"

In fact, last week I read an article about how when you instagram something - and according to the article, yes, instagram is a verb - you're telling a visual story. You're becoming a photo illustrator, and photo illustration is an art that requires a certain amount of creativity and originality. That sounds way more fancy than using a preset filter to mask a sub-par grainy photo, so I'll take it :)

Here are my very favorite snapshots of Claire that I've put on Instagram.

Claire around the house:
 Claire in black and white: (these are beginning to sound like children's book titles)
Claire goes on adventures:
Claire with her family:
Sleepy Claire:

Happy Claire:
Claire's first Christmas:
So there you have it!
PS if you want to find me on Instagram, I'm @brookejanette, and I'd love to connect with you!


  1. I love when you pop up on my instragam feed! Your daughter is soooo adorable!

  2. i love instagram. i love all your little shots of little claire. she's adorable and getting so big!

    1. Awww thank you! So good to hear from you, as always :)

  3. Do you take your Instagram pix with your phone or DSLR?

    1. Mostly my phone! I kind of have a pet peeve when everyone's instagrams are from their DSLR. A few of mine have been (like when I'm promoting a blog post), but other than that I take them from my phone!


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