Silver Lining: a Galentine's party

February 11, 2015

a Galentine's party

The idea for a Galentine's party, wherein you celebrate Valentine's Day with your favorite gals, originally came from Parks & Rec (oh that brilliant Amy Poehler. Although I recently read her new book, and sadly it made me like her a little less.) I love the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day with some of your very best girl friends.

So, with that in mind, my cute neighbor Summer and I decided to throw a little Galentine's party for our visiting teaching ladies. Summer made sugar cookies and frosting, and we had a fun time chatting, icing cookies, and laughing at our mistakes. Well, mostly my mistakes. I wrote Sam on one of the cookies, and when I gave it to him, Sam thought it said damn. Haha! So either he's bad at reading handwriting, or I have a long way to go in my piping skills...

Here are a few pictures from our party.

^^ For decor, I had a simple garland up and some fresh tulips, along with a Valentine placemat and of course, some m&ms.

^^Wishing I had some of these left right about now!

 ^^Let's just say one of us had professional experience decorating cakes, and made super cute cookies. It wasn't me.

Yummy, right? I don't make sugar cookies very often, and now I remember why. They're gone in half a second ;) Either way, thanks Summer for hosting with me!

Have you ever thrown a Galentine's party?
Or been to one?
Who wants to throw a big blogger Galentine's party with me next year? ;)

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