Silver Lining: meet the man behind the blog

March 13, 2015

meet the man behind the blog

I always wonder about the husbands of some of my favorite blogs. Being the husband of a blogger has to be a weird gig. Who are these men? What do they think about blogging? Do they approve? Do they like it? Do they help write posts? Do they volunteer to take pictures? Do they volunteer to be in the pictures?! Do they lovingly say "It's okay. I got the dishes tonight. Why don't you go ombre your hair and buy a few new shades of lipstick for yourself, and then write an amazing blog post about it?"

Or are they the opposite? Are most of these husbands ambivalent at best, downright hostile at worst? Do they roll their eyes when their wives take a picture of their food before eating it? Do they run the other way when the camera comes out? Or do they just ignore these weird things called blogs in the hope that they'll go away someday? 

Today, I'm here to tell you about the man behind my blog.

He goes by Sam. His technical job title is Senior Product Specialist for the Starship Enterprise, or something. I know the word Enterprise is in the title. Really what he does is use his charm and magic level-headed calming abilities to talk down frustrated people and help them solve their problems. This is a skill he's been able to perfect since he married his wife (you're welcome Sam, for giving you so many opportunities to practice dealing with insane people).

Events in which Sam would win a gold medal
  • Avoiding pictures. This is probably Sam's number one skill. He has a black belt in sneaking away when the camera comes out. Years could pass without Sam having a single picture of himself, and he'd be totally fine with it. In fact, he would consider it a major accomplishment.
  • Beard growing. 
  • Getting the Gallahorn (major spell check needed) in Destiny. I would say a lot more about this, but I literally have no clue what it is. Maybe a spaceship?
  • Picking the shortest line at the grocery store checkout. Every. Single. Time.
  • Card games. He counts cards and wins by a mile. It's not fair for the rest of us with only average memories who have no idea how many aces have already been played.
  • Speed shopping. This man can shop SO QUICKLY. Give Sam a list and he'll be in and out in three minutes flat. I think it's because he doesn't get distracted by every sale or display in the store like I do. He's never once thought, "While I'm here, let me just see if that baby sale has started yet..." 

(He's the insane one.)

Now for the part you're really wondering about. What does Sam think about this strange blogging thing? Does he like it? Does he approve? Does he read my blog?

Well, yes and no! Sam thinks blogging is the weirdest thing on the planet (it is). Sometimes he rolls his eyes at the things I tell him about blogs and the whole blogosphere. But at the same time, like everything else in my life, he totally supports me in whatever I want to do. (I don't know how I landed such a winner. I think it had something to do with the fact that I had a car and he didn't.) And when I have a sponsored post, he gets behind it in a big way. Just yesterday he was moving tables, putting vegetables on skewers, and setting things up for me (check back Monday for the finished product!).

The weird thing is - Sam doesn't even read all my posts! Isn't that funny? Some of you people reading right now know more about what's on my blog than he does! Sam clicks on the posts when he sees them on Facebook, which is a good majority of the posts, but not all of them. I think it's so hilarious. Maybe if we're blessed to have a second child some day I'll announce it on my blog before telling him. That'll get him to read my blog! Sam, if you're reading this, you've been warned!

So there you have it. Sam the Man himself. I actually want to go on and on about how great of a dad he is, but I get way too emotional about that, and this would turn into a super long and sappy post before you can say Daddy Daughter Date. I'll have to save the mushiness for Father's Day. But I will leave you with one of my all-time favorite pictures - Sam holding his baby girl for the first time. 

I sure love this man behind the blog!

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