Silver Lining: little bits of life lately

April 14, 2015

little bits of life lately

Normally, on posts like these, I make a comment about how busy and crazy our lives are. Life is practically careening out of control! I type cheerfully. Doesn't slow down for a second! Isn't it funny how we like to flaunt how busy we are? Like we believe being busy correlates directly to success or happiness or something.

The truth is, our days have been in a pretty good balance lately. I've picked up a few new clients at work. Sam is busy working. Jason is busy schooling. Claire is busy drooling. Our days are full and scheduled, but manageable. We've even found time to watch movies together after Claire goes to bed. Movies! Multiple times a week!

Here are a few snapshots of things we've been up to lately. Enjoy!

Last weekend, we went up to Logan to see the family. All eight of the Emery siblings were together, and that's a sight we don't see very often! We also went to Herms Inn while we were there, and holy cow, it's right up there with Bear Paw Cafe in St. George for best brunch ever.

My wiggly baby, who never snuggles with anyone ever, snuggled right up to Uncle Aris the minute he picked her up. Where is the justice in this world?!

 Playing at the park. Claire was in heaven with at least three people giving her attention at all times.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... I'm going through all my teaching materials and reorganizing what I have. I'm starting to think about possible teaching jobs next year, transferring my teaching license to Arizona, and all those other big decisions. AH!

Claire and Jason. They are two peas in a pod, and seeing them together makes me tear up a little more often than I'd care to admit. She can't live without him.
And a few snapshots of our living room. It's in the middle of a long-overdue update. New couches of our very own! Not even broken! Not even pre-owned and donated to us by various friends and family! Along with the new couches, I've been slowly transitioning the decorations to be bright, light, and calming. It's a slow process, but I love finding great deals and updating the room we spend so much time in.
 Jason made the murals. Isn't he talented?

What are your favorite places for cheap but beautiful decor?
I'm specifically looking for a bookshelf, a good throw blanket, and a few shelf items.
Thanks and happy Tuesday! 


  1. IKEA!!! Bu that's just me ;) There's one in Tempe close to ASU so you're moving to a good place ;) ;) ;)

  2. Look at that cutie :) I love how your place is decorated! Marina @

  3. The murals are pretty cool. And I'm declaratively challenged so no help there. Sorry.:)

  4. I'm slooooooowwwwwly trying to not be so decoratively challenged. It's a long process ;)


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