Silver Lining: pink walls and restlessness

April 27, 2015

pink walls and restlessness

Last week, Sam was away in Arizona for a few days. His absence did a few things to me:

First, the kids and I went to Hobby Lobby (budget? what budget? dad's gone!). Jason pushed Her Royal Drooliness around in the cart while she giggled madly. The staff smiled as the two of them zoomed past. Then Jason ran into an end cap display, and there was considerably less smiling from the Hobby Lobby staff and considerably more glaring. I probably should have made him stop at that point, but I didn't.

Second, I had to make one of those, "Hi Sam, it's 11pm and this time I'm really actually 98% positive I heard a noise, which as we all know, means only one thing: SOMEONE IS COMING TO KILL ME," phone calls. Oddly enough, nobody came to kill me.

Third, Sam sent me pictures of his trip, and it fueled my restlessness in a major way. Look at the view from his hotel room! Palm trees! Cacti! Look at the modern, fun vibe in downtown Tempe! Look at the weather forecast! Let's just move already!

This is becoming a major problem for me. I'm really excited about starting a brand new adventure, and the closer it gets to our actual moving date (not for three more months!) the slower time seems to go. I've come to terms with the fact that we're leaving a city and people I love, and that Jason is not coming, and now I'm ready to just pack up and do this thing.

But it's too early. It's not summer yet. If I start taking things off the walls now, I'll drive myself crazy. It's too early to start packing. It's too early to quit my job. It's even too early to fly down and find housing.

So I'm really trying to soak in my last few weeks here. (See, there I go again! Rounding it down to weeks, when it should be months!) One thing that's helping is spending time with the awesome people I won't be living next to anymore. I've been trying to schedule lots of baby playdates, lots of girls nights, lots of double dates, lots of family time. I'm also planning a pretty epic Farewell to Provo date with Sam that I'm excited about.

What else can I do to curb my restlessness?
Somebody teach me how to be patient.
But in other news - how great is this pink wall?


  1. I love that pink wall, and your outfit! And I totally get the being over excited thing, I use to have a problem with packing too early but now I don't have time for that! :-)

  2. You look amazing! And I can definitely relate to your restlessness.

  3. Maybe that's the secret to not being restless- just become so busy that you don't have time to think about packing, right? ;) Thanks for the comment Justine!

  4. YES to all the above! Indoor playtime or splash pads during the summer!

  5. Oh I know, it's so bad. One day I'll learn patience :) I always love your comments Shar!


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