Silver Lining: a brunch baby shower

May 4, 2015

a brunch baby shower

Are we coming up on the season of babies or what? It's so exciting to see lots of friends who are expecting babies this spring and summer. This year, that list includes a close friend who has struggled with infertility for years, and and it makes me so happy to see all that hoping and praying and saving for fertility treatments coming to fruition. Three cheers for squishy, fat, drooling babies! May they magically be born sleeping through the night!

Over the weekend, I hosted a baby shower for my neighbor, who is due with her second boy in a few weeks. Well, technically, she has almost two months left, but who doesn't like to round down their numbers at the end of their pregnancy, right?

The shower was on a Saturday morning, so we decided to do brunch. Who doesn't love brunch?

 Most of the decor was borrowed from the mom-to-be. Her little boy's nursery is full of darling yellow and grey accents. I was especially loving the homemade pom pom garland. And how cute is the little elephant 3D puzzle? I want one for Claire's room!
 Making stand-up fruit skewers is a great way to transform a baby shower food staple into a cute decorative item. Just use a durable, large fruit with a flat side for the bottom of the skewer (we used strawberries with the tops cut off, but large pineapple squares would be great too). Add a little washi tape flag to the top for a final touch.

 Probably the food I got the most compliments on was the yogurt in the parfaits. It was just plain 'ole vanilla yogurt from the grocery store! But either way, I painted the tips of the spoons to add a little color. It would be fun to substitute the blueberries for strawberries if the baby was a girl.

 You guys, I could eat so many of these darn Costco muffins. I generally don't let myself buy them for that exact reason. I couldn't resist them for a brunch though!
 This drink was sooooo delicious. One carton pulp-free orange juice, one carton light white grape juice, and one 2-liter bottle of lemon lime soda (I used 7 Up). Mmmmmmmm.

 We left little messages on diapers to help Summer smile during those 3am diaper changes! We also played a little guess the baby animal game. Some were easy, like kitten and puppy, but who knew a baby turkey is called a poult?
 The gorgeous pregnant mama and myself

Happy baby shower, Summer!
We can't wait to meet your little guy!

P.S. Are you pro- or anti- baby shower games? There are so many awkward games, like the one where you guess how big the mom's belly is (hellooooo, what woman would like that?), but I love a little fun, tasteful game. Basically as long as it doesn't involve a relay race or those truly creepy mini plastic babies, I'm good. What about you? Do you like baby shower games?

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