Silver Lining: Hot Air Balloon Fest

July 3, 2015

Hot Air Balloon Fest

The Fourth of July is one of my all-time favorite holidays. Swimming, barbecues, fireworks, and patriotic attire - what's not to like? Sam has a few days off work and we are excited to party hard. We should be packing, but we're choosing to ignore that and just play all weekend instead. ;)

My city has been totally amazing when it comes to Fourth of July festivals these past few years. This morning, we went to the hot air balloon festival. Hot air balloons are just so beautiful and inherently photographable, you know? I mean, it's no Albuquerque Balloon Festival, but it's still fun. You get to walk amongst the balloons as they inflate, and then you can watch as they compete to drop bean bags onto targets and pop helium balloons 100 feet in the air. Cool, right?

Side note: We were at the festival two hours ago, and now it's on the blog. I'm pretty sure that's the fastest blog turnaround time I've ever pulled off. Go me! It's all thanks to a baby who's taking a long morning nap right now.

Another side note: Last year on this day we had a brand new baby, and I was experiencing some crazy awful and scary epidural complications. I was in more pain than I'd ever been in in my life. We were in the emergency room and I kept yelling to Sam, "Just decapitate me! Make it stop!" (I know it sounds so dramatic, but I was serious at the time! Anything to stop hurting!) This year, I am feeling so blessed to be healthy and have a healthy and happy little one-year-old that we can take on fun adventures. Life is good.

 If you want to go to this, tomorrow is the last day! Be there right at 6:30 for the best experience (I promise it's worth the early wake-up call). See the details here.

Happy Fourth of July!
Has anyone been to the Albuquerque festival before?
It's on my bucket list to go one day.
What are your Fourth of July plans?

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