Silver Lining: Montana wildflowers

August 21, 2015

Montana wildflowers

This week my shiny new MacBook finally came! Sam and I had been sharing his old laptop and it was getting to be a big problem because he needed it with him on campus all day every day. Sooooo I was forced to sneak in my blogging time either before breakfast (I actually woke up at 5:30am on some days to blog, because I am one of those peppy morning people nobody likes) or after Claire was in bed for the night. I am loving life now that I can conduct business during normal business hours. Can I give my laptop a name or is that taking my love for it too far?

In the process of transferring all my photos over, I came across these set of pictures from our annual vacation to Hebgen Lake this July. There are no words to describe how much I love this place, you guys. It's who I am. This lake has been special to my family for six generations, and taking Claire there this year was such an amazing experience. I loved introducing her to all the places and people that are so special to me. And next year will be even better, because she'll actually be able to understand everything I kept blabbing on about. 

Here are some pictures from our annual cookout at Taylor's Peak. We ride up on ATVs and in the back of trucks, we roast hot dogs and s'mores, and we chase the dog through all the wildflowers. Oh, you guys, I just love this place. So much. 

 ^^ The mostly white shirt + crawling around in the dirt + parents who forgot to bring a bib combination might not have been our best parenting moment ;)

^^ A baby, a dog, and this view. What more could you want? 

^^ Indian paintbrush! We almost didn't find any this year, but once we went up high enough on the peak it was everywhere.

But seriously, what is it about family vacations that are so good for the soul? Already getting excited for next year's visit.

Thanks so much for dropping by today! 
Happy Friday! 

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