Silver Lining: poolside moments

August 28, 2015

poolside moments

My husband Sam is only on his second week of grad school, and his program is whipping us all into shape faster than we expected! It's been early mornings and late nights and more group projects in fourteen days than I did in my entire collegiate experience. Everyone keeps a spare suit and all its accoutrements in their lockers at school: you never know when a potential future employer is going to show up, at which point everyone stops what they're doing and floods the bathrooms to change and go to the panel or the meet and greet. It's insane, and Sam loves it.

(Let's take a second to acknowledge that I used the word accoutrements casually in a sentence, as if I always use big snobbish words. In reality, it's one of three fancy words I know. Accoutrements, viscosity, machinations. Boom. Everyone look how smart I am.)

Because his program is so crazy and time-consuming, we absolutely live for Saturday nights and Sundays. It's the only time we have to just relax and be together as a family. Last weekend, we headed to the pool for a family swim. 
^^Her new word is "shoosh!" (shoes) She'll pick up any shoe she can find and carry it around chanting "shoosh! shoosh!" and it's just about the cutest thing this side of the Mississippi.

^^These two in the pool together! They laughed and splashed and laughed some more, and my heart basically melted into one big pile of mush right there by the no diving sign. So much love right here. It's the #FeelGooder moments like these that make our hectic weeks all worth it.
 ^^We tried out these snack bars for a poolside treat. You guys, the oatmeal chocolate chunk one is SO GOOD. It tastes like the yummy chocolate fudge bars my mom used to make. The almond toffee crunch one was good too. It has the taste of a more traditional health bar, but with yummy butterscotch chips mixed in. Either way, they're both under 200 calories and have lots of protein, so I'm sold. (They're gluten free too, for all my GF friends!)
^^Baby girl helping herself to a snack. 
^^You should have seen this girl when she was done with her snack. I only gave her a little bit, but she somehow managed to get chocolate all over herself, her swimsuit, me, and the chair. It was pretty impressive.

I'm already dreaming of tomorrow afternoon, when Sam will be done with his Saturday morning group projects and we can spend time refilling our family time tank again. We even have a few of these left to make our special time together even better.

P.S. If you want to try these Perfectly Simple bars (get the oatmeal chocolate chunk!), you can download a coupon for $1 off by clicking here. Normally, these protein bars would be a little out of my price range, but with the coupon they're more affordable. You can also share your feel good moments on social media by tagging @ZonePerfect and #FeelGooder.

Any special weekend plans?
We're going to try and find a cool splash pad near us, 
and go to a church BBQ.
Make sure to download your Perfectly Simple coupon here!

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