Silver Lining: 5 shots to take when photographing anything

September 21, 2015

5 shots to take when photographing anything

No matter what your photoshoot is about, these five shots will give you great tips and ideas to capture your subject beautifully!
Whether you're photographing tonight's dessert, your latest DIY craft, a family wedding dinner, or your Han Solo action figure collection, here are five classic angles and shots every photoshoot should include!

1. The centered, straight-on, zoomed out picture. 

This one sounds so obvious, but gets overlooked all the time. The details of a tablescape are great, but I also want to see a straight-on shot of what the table looks like altogether. Zoomed out, straight-on shots give the reader perspective and tie everything together.

2. The detail picture.

Beauty is in the details! Don't be afraid to get really close up to capture the lace detailing of a bride's veil, or the tiny herringbone pattern of a groom's wedding socks.
^^We were one donut short, so we had to sneak in a plain bagel in the back to hold up our donut pyramid. Haha! It really is all in the details ;)

3. The 45-degree angle picture.

This is the magic angle of photography. It's enough of an angle to really get good perspective on the subject, but not too angled to appear distorted or stretched. 45-degrees is also a really good angle for head shots.

4. The picture from above.

Literally. Stand above your subject and shoot away! This is a great way to show what your subject looks like as a whole, whether it's a creative dinner table spread, party guests milling about on the lawn below you, or a stack of soft sweaters.

5. The picture with a human in it.

Don't forget this one! If you're shooting food, include a shot of a fork poised in midair with pasta wrapped around it. If you're selling hair bows, make sure at least one picture shows the bow actually in someone's hair. You don't have to hire a model and makeup artist every time. In fact, you don't even have to include the person's face most of the time. Just make sure you're showing how your subject interacts with humans. This also helps people understand the scale of what you're shooting.

Any other shots you always take?

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