Silver Lining: Playtime (+ my first video!)

September 9, 2015

Playtime (+ my first video!)

I'm trying to be better at capturing the everyday playtime moments I get to have with Miss Claire these days. She gets more and more fun to be with every day, and Claire has lots of grandparents that are always demanding pictures of her. I try to keep my camera on the corner of our counter, so I can grab it at any second and snap away. Here are a few snapshots of what she's been up to lately!

Two shoes, no pants, no problem! These days, Claire wants help sliding her shoes on and off all day long, and says, "Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!" while she's at it. 

We found our new favorite activity! Claire will sit on a towel on the porch and play with bowls of water and measuring cups for almost a full hour. It's the best ever. Yesterday, I even brought my laptop out to the porch and got a few things done while she splashed and played. That's what I call a win-win!

Suns out, shades out.

We finally made it through one entire Sacrament Meeting at church without having to take her into the hall! For the first time ever! I cannot stress enough how much of a major accomplishment this is for us and our crazy, loud, wiggly baby.

I also made a video of Claire doing some of her favorite activities (she empties that drawer about 10 times a day!) and receiving her very first teddy bear. She loves cuddling her bear! Snuggle was so kind to send one over to promote their #ShareABear movement. We also gave one to a cute baby who suddenly found herself in the care of her grandma until everything gets sorted out, but I couldn't film that one for privacy reasons. 

Today is National Teddy Bear Day. In honor of all the joy, companionship and comfort teddy bears can bring, this SeptemBEAR Snuggle is donating 5,000 teddy bears to children in need. Help us raise awareness by sharing your own memories, photos or videos with a special Teddy Bear in your life using the hashtag #ShareABear. Learn more and join the movement HERE!

At the beginning of the year, I had a goal to do one video a month, and here I am in September doing my very first one. #oops The hardest part was narrowing it down to just 30 seconds. I had so much fun making this that I've recommitted to one per month for the rest of the year. Think I can do it? 

Happy Wednesday!

What do you want to see more videos of?

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