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October 12, 2015

All About Aztec

Don't you hate those frustratingly vague people who hint at something online without actually telling people what's going on? When the random college friend updates his Facebook status to, "Just when you think you know people.... When will I ever learn? Feeling broken." Please, Brian. Keep it to yourself. Slash tell us all the details because this sounds juicy and exciting.

Or maybe, "Thinking about making a huge life-altering decision tonight. AH so many questions???" And then, after a million people comment, the truth finally comes out: They're thinking about getting a seventeenth cat. Womp womp.

I hate those people. But I'm kind of going to be one. So maybe just skip the next paragraph. You've been warned.

I've been working on an awesome secret project lately. I am SO beyond excited about it. I'm up late working almost every night, but I've wanted this for so long that I don't even care. I'm just thrilled it's actually happening. Also, I made a girl power playlist that gets me though the late nights. I'm not joking. I really love this girl power playlist. It's motivating and ridiculously peppy and super awesome. Tell me good songs to add to it. 

Okay, I'm done. Moving on to what this post is supposed to be all about: Aztec!

I'm so excited to be joining Jana for The Creative Closet. This week's prompt is All About Aztec, which is really the perfect fit for me these days. I've never been influenced by my surroundings more than I have since moving to this crazy desert. I find myself choosing clothes for me (and Claire) that match the heat, the bright colors, and the stark patterns I see in nature here. 

When I saw this Aztec skirt, I just knew I had to buy it! It's the perfect length, it's low-maintenance (you can throw it in the washing machine, and it doesn't wrinkle or require an iron), and it doesn't need a slip underneath. Add pockets and it would have been the most perfect skirt on Earth. 

Which begs the question: how many consecutive Sundays in a row can one wear the same skirt?

Taking these pictures was one of the most stressful events of my life. (I'm such an over-exaggerator.) We had a tiny two-minute window in which to take all of these pictures. (I'm not exaggerating about that.) Also, it was right by a busy road, which meant dozens of people were staring at me at any given second while I was being photographed. And third, Claire was on the loose, and I kept panicking that she would either run right into the road or right into the cactus she was playing next to. It was a very stressful 120 seconds. Can you see the panic in my eyes??

Check out Jana and her amazing Aztec backpack (that I would definitely use as a diaper bag). And just read her blog in general. She's one of the most awesome girl bosses out there.

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