Silver Lining: let's call this my marriage proposal to the Sonoran desert

October 7, 2015

let's call this my marriage proposal to the Sonoran desert

Remember when I thought the desert was this brown, boring, dusty dead thing? Remember when I thought I could never move to a desert because my green-loving pacific northwest soul would shrivel up and die? Remember how my husband used to tell me how beautiful Arizona is, and I would pat his arm, and say, "If you say so, dear. I'm sure it's beautiful in its own way." Remember how I thought Arizona would be brown, and nothing but brown?

I take it all back. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again: My rainy little Oregonian heart fell in love with Arizona. Honestly, it did. This crazy desert we moved to is bright and colorful. It's alive and thriving. You can almost feel the air thrumming with energy on hot days. It's diverse and stunning. It's harsh and prickly. You have to be tough to make it here. It's the last of the wild wild west. And it is so beautiful.

These pictures are from last weekend's trip to the Riparian Preserve. I could have spent all day wandering back and forth between the desert gardens and water basin pathways. 

The Squishy One was mostly interested in showing off her new trick (running!), and trying with all her might to touch a cactus before her parents spotted her and swooped in.

And now I'm dying to photograph a family in front of this gorgeous desert garden. Any takers? ;)
And this is my official love letter to the Sonoran Desert. Never change, let's get married, the end.

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