Silver Lining: a simplified Christmas

December 11, 2015

a simplified Christmas

I've been having trouble writing this post, because this is the week I finally reached Crazy Town. I mean it. I'm officially insane. Off my rocker. Gone bananas. The lights are on but no one is home.

A small anecdote that illustrates my mental state: I ended up having a mini breakdown on Wednesday when I was trying to find masking tape in the supply closet at church. Just started crying because it had been the longest day, and I'm supposed to know what's in the closet, and I have no idea what's in there, and I couldn't find any darn masking tape, and I had a fussy toddler on my hip who wouldn't let me put her down to really look. See what I mean? Crying about masking tape. Welcome to Crazy Town!

I was reading a blog the other day, and it said, "What are you doing this week to get in the Christmas spirit?" I'll comment! I thought. Christmas spirit.... Christmas spirit... I ran everything I was doing in the next few days.

Nothing to get in the Christmas spirit, that's for sure! Mostly, when I thought about the week, it was one gigantic to-do list. Help Sam get through finals alive. Finally shake this sickness bug that won't go away. Do one million things for my toddler. Do one million things for my blog. Do one million things for my photography business. And all by myself, and all before I go out of town next week. You know, all the little minutia that is a privilege on most days, but gets to you every so often on other days.

I don't think I'm alone in this. It's so easy for the holidays to get stressful and overscheduled if we let them.

So today, I'm cutting myself a little slack. Some of my photo sessions will get edited next week, and that's okay. I might go a whole week without publishing a blog post, and that's okay. If Claire never meets Santa this year, she'll be none the wiser! I'm giving myself permission to slow down, spend my time and energy wisely, and be present and in the moment.

I'm also trying to simplify these next few days. When it comes to presents, we're trying the four presents rule: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. Sam and I are also turning off all our screens to just have 10 minutes a night to check in and tell each other about our day, and even though it's simple, it makes such a difference.

And I am hoarding these in the cupboards (Claire can't have any, and that's final). They taste exactly like the wonderful oatmeal chocolate bars my mother used to make, and they're my go-to portable snack. Add this $1.00 off coupon, and there's really no downside.
What are you doing this week to simplify and get back to what makes you happiest?

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