Silver Lining: cookies on a cold afternoon

December 2, 2015

cookies on a cold afternoon

Another day, another yummy treat post! While this sunny Arizona weather may not have me in the mood for hot chocolate and caroling, I will always stand behind any excuse to bake delicious things and spread the cheer by delivering them to my neighbors and friends.

While Sam was away at school selling his soul getting ready for finals, Claire and I ran over to Walmart and came back with our favorite cookie mixes. I've been all about these Betty Crocker cookie mixes lately. They're incredibly cost-effective, and they combine the convenience of a mix with the yummy home-baked taste I love in holiday treats. We whipped up the Peanut Butter mix (complete with chocolate kisses as soon as they came out of the oven) and the Chocolate Chip mix (dipped in chocolate and sprinkles for an added holiday touch - get the recipe here!).
 ^^Officially the world's biggest goober. Love her smile (and her bedhead!).

Then, we packaged our cookies up. Instead of an old paper plate covered in plastic wrap, we emptied some Pringles chip canisters, covered them in wrapping paper, and added ribbon to the sides and top. To complete the ensemble, we printed these cute #SpreadCheer printables and added them to the top! It was the perfect size to fit our cookies, and Sam about died of happiness when I brought home Pringles for the first time in my life.

Our favorite part? Driving around to some of our friends and neighbors later that night to deliver the treats! It's always fun to see our friends. And we also printed this out and nominated some of our neighbors to #SpreadtheCheer and make their own treats to pass around! We tried to give some to our downstairs neighbors, as part of an ongoing attempt to make them acknowledge our presence. It didn't happen, but if we keep giving them yummy things like this, maybe one day they'll say hi when we pass each other outside, right?

Feel like spreading the cheer yourself? I'm running a giveaway for $20 PayPal cash, which will more than cover the cost of these yummy cookie mixes, and whatever else you want to make them your own. And it's probably the easiest giveaway you've ever entered! (If you're reading from your phone, just click the link below to enter!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Wednesday!
Click here for the #SpreadCheer printables and coupons.

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