Silver Lining: sledding!

January 7, 2016


Honestly, I don't think it gets cuter than babies in huge marshmallow snow suits. I mean, puppies are cute. Bunnies sleeping in a huge pile are cute. But babies in snowsuits?! They can hardly even walk for all the layers! And their cheek fat gets squished in their hood when they turn their head! It's scientifically impossible to get over that cheek fat squished in a hood.

Last week in Utah, the whole fam decided to go sledding one afternoon. I borrowed snow clothes for Claire from my cousin (thank you again Julianne, for having a 2+ year old that's the same size as my 18-month-old!). The rest of it was the prerequisite upheaval that happens when 8 people are shoving their legs into snow pants and loading sleds into the trunk of the car and losing their left gloves all at the same time. 

And then, one quick drive to the hill at the top of the cemetery (the best in Alpine, I've been told), and we were in business!
My happy sledding girl! Once the snow got into her little shoes, she was significantly less happy, but we got a few good happy runs in, so I'm calling it a win.

The view - and a few awesome views of wipeouts too ;)

Carrying a slippery snow bebe and a sled up a hill is hard work ;)
 See what I mean about the cheek fat getting squished when she turns her head??
You guys, I was so woefully underprepared for snow, it wasn't even funny. (Remember the scarf from this post? Here I'm using it as a scarf and hat combo, because IT WAS FREEZING.)
I love this picture. In fact, I made it the background on my phone and my desktop. Facebook cover pic, I'm coming for you next!

And now we're back in sunny AZ, where Claire is wandering around listing the names of her family members that she misses ("'Kay, Addy, 'Kay, Emma, 'Kay, Papap, 'Kay..."). It's darling, and kind of heartbreaking. We're already counting down the days until our next visit!

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