Silver Lining: Hallelujah

March 25, 2016



// the way I feel when I spend quiet reflection time in prayer and scripture study

// the knowledge that Sam and I don't have to say goodbye when death do us part; we can be forever

// the goodness and kindness that best friends and complete strangers show me every day

// the three hour blocks of church every Sunday that leave me uplifted and motivated

// the teachings that God loves and accepts me exactly as I am, but at the same time can make my life much more beautiful and wonderful than I ever imagined

// this beautiful beautiful place I get to call home

// the way I can start over and try to be better every single day, no matter how many times I've failed in the past

// the times that I feel my mom watching over me, and know that she's my unseen angel, and she's closer than I know

// my little forever family, and knowing that I get to be with the love of my life, with my darling Claire, and with my two sweet twinners for eternity

Taking a break from blogging this weekend to celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the fact that, because of Him, my life has purpose and meaning and abundant love and grace.

Learn more by watching this video (one of my all-time favorites), or by clicking the ad on my sidebar.

Wishing you all the very happiest of Easter weekends.
Christ lives. Hallelujah!

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