Silver Lining: an Arizona ghost town

April 12, 2016

an Arizona ghost town

I'll admit it. The Goldfield Ghost Town is one gigantic tourist trap. But you know what? I like to do touristy things in my own city, at least once. It helps me get a feel for the Phoenix Arizona other people experience when they visit here. It's also fun to say you've been there, done that with major attractions near you. Or if you have FOMO issues like I do.

Tourist trap notwithstanding, I have to say we had a lot of fun at the old ghost town last weekend.

Here are a few pictures we snapped of the mining city, complete with horses, waitresses in saloon girl costumes, and of course, tours of the once-working mine. (These pictures were taken in the middle of the day, so sorry about the harsh lighting.)

Our first stop (and the only attraction we paid for) was the train ride and tour of the city. 

Can you tell Claire was excited about the train ride? She ran around the house saying "choo train! choo train!" all morning before we left.
It was kind of eerie and ghost-like, in the middle of the desert on the train, listening to the tour guide tell you that in this very spot, the miners and Apache Indians once had an extremely bloody three-day battle. 

 I can't get enough of the beautiful Superstition Mountains in the background.

After the train ride, we walked up and down the main street, looking in windows and museums and shops, and just admiring the general feel. 

They staged an old-fashioned showdown right at high noon. It would have been fun watching them all shoot blanks at each other if a certain unnamed toddler hadn't started screaming her head off at the first gunshot. As it was, I spent the whole show behind the saloon with three workers taking a smoke break, trying to get my toddler to calm down. 
Saying hi to the horses:

Sure wish I could show you a picture of all three of us (all five of us if you count my baby bump haha), but I have the worst luck asking strangers to take our picture! This weekend's attempt featured the tops of our heads and part of a building. Ha. Anyone have tips for asking strangers to take your picture??
Yee-haw for Saturday adventures, gorgeous deserts, and tourist traps that are actually really fun. :)

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