Silver Lining: interview with Claire

April 1, 2016

interview with Claire

I wanted to drop in and share this little video I made of Claire. Mostly I wanted to remember her cute little voice at this age, and all the funny things she says. (That particular day, numbers didn't go past four, and the color blue was almost too tricky to remember.) 

I had to cut about 10 minutes of her getting on and off the couch between questions, and two full minutes of animal noises, just so the video wouldn't be crazy long. I'm still new at home videos, but hopefully if I keep trying to make them, I'll get better some day! That's the goal at least. ;)

Happy Friday!
Sam and I have a real-life date night tonight, and I can't wait.
What are you off to?
Any big plans?

PS other recent home videos:

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