Silver Lining: how to pick a perfect watermelon

June 20, 2016

how to pick a perfect watermelon

There are a lot of things I am clueless about. I have no hope of ever doing a fancy braid in my hair. I don't know the first thing about hand lettering or stock markets or mountain biking. In fact, this weekend I spent the first two complete hours of my Saturday thinking it was Sunday. Like, I got ready for church and everything before I realized what an airhead I am.

But when it comes to watermelon - now that's a subject I take very seriously. ;) I'm just going to say it. I am GOOD at choosing a watermelon.

What makes a great watermelon? It needs to be crisp. It needs to be juicy. It needs to be flavorful. It needs to not be grainy. I also prefer seedless. Here are my tips for choosing a great watermelon every time!

1. Heavy for its size
You want the watermelon that feels really heavy for its size. If you pick up a watermelon and it seems surprisingly lightweight, put it back! Heavy watermelon = nice and juicy = good. You can also give it a whack and listen for a deep, hollow sound, but testing the weight is easier for me.

2. Yellow ripening spot
A creamy yellow spot develops on the underside of watermelon as they lay on the ground waiting to be picked. You want one with a nice large ripening spot. If the watermelon has no ripening spot, it was picked too early and won't taste as good. Yellow ripening spot = good.

3. Scars or brown lines and spots
Believe it or not, bugs know best! When a watermelon has white scars, or brown lines and spots, it means bugs tried to eat it - and they always pick the best ones. (Don't panic, they didn't make it through the rind.) White scars and brown lines = good.

4. Rich, dark green color
You know how the watermelon in stores in January is kind of sad and yellow-looking? That's because it's out of season and not nearly as good. You want to pick the watermelon that's a dark and rich green color - it means you'll get a dark, rich, juicy red inside. Rich dark green color = good.

For best results, keep your watermelon in the fridge and eat it within a week of purchasing it. And there you have it! How to pick a great watermelon every time. Your next picnic, potluck, or family gathering thanks you in advance. :)

Happy Monday!

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