Silver Lining: the ups, the downs and the matching pajamas

August 23, 2016

the ups, the downs and the matching pajamas

Sometimes life is pretty chaotic around here, especially when Sam's gone and it's me against alone with my three babies. Like when all three of my children take turns being awake during what is supposed to be naptime. Or when Claire's having a meltdown for reasons like she she wanted the green fork instead of the blue one, or she's mad that I won't let her throw the basketball at the babies. Or when I'm supposed to be answering emails + reading Claire a book + changing two dirty diapers all at the same time - and then I realize it's 6:45 and I don't have a clue what we're supposed to eat for dinner.

But, more often than not, it's good. This continues to be the biggest surprise of my life. It turns out I really like having twins! And it's not the terrible hellish existence I thought it would be! We have lots of sweet moments around here, like when Claire strokes the babies heads and whispers, "So cute! So tiny!" Or when Sam takes the early shift so I can get some sleep (he does this almost every night because he is an absolute rockstar). Or when everyone's schedules line up and I have time for all those unanswered emails - and even a nice long shower or a few extra minutes to paint my nails.

Not to mention babies in matching pajamas. I have this theory about international diplomatic meetings - if everyone was snuggling a sleeping baby in soft pajamas, 90% of the world's conflicts would be over before they start. (But seriously, I really do have a theory about world leaders solving problems while holding sleepy babies....)

If you're in the market for baby or toddler essentials, may I suggest you start here? I was excited when Burt's Bees Baby offered to sponsor this post, because their clothes are out of this world soft -and 100% organic too. (They run a little big, so if you're deciding between sizes, you should be good with the smaller size.) I also ordered the most darling matching fall outfits for Claire and Addie, and now I can't wait for Addie to grow a bit and fit into hers.

So here's to the ups and the downs and the matching pajamas! The twins are wearing theirs right now, and I'm hoping it will make up for the fact that I'll probably see them three or four times tonight when most sane people are asleep. ;)

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