Silver Lining: blessing day

September 6, 2016

blessing day

Over the weekend, our little twins were blessed at church. (If you're unfamiliar with Mormon lingo, blessed = christened. The whole congregation comes together while someone, usually the father, gives the child a name and a blessing on their life.)

The more I think about blessings, the more I think how beautiful it is when friends, family and fellow churchgoers all bow their heads in support and love for the new baby and their family. I kept looking around and thinking about everyone in that chapel who had helped me and my family during this crazy pregnancy and delivery. Sometimes it feels like we're all alone and far from home here in Arizona, but on Sunday, with friends and family who had come, it felt like home. It made me cry. And then of course I had to get up and share my testimony and cry about it some more in front of everyone. ;)

Sam gave two really amazing blessings, we gave lots of hugs to our family and friends, and we generally admired our twins in their cute white outfits. And that was that!

*Let the record show that Sam did not bless the babies with ridiculous things like the ability to fly or walk through walls, despite weeks of teasing me and leading me to believe otherwise. He also stuck to the names on their legal records, again despite weeks of teasing. Oh Sam.
 ^^My family who came down for the weekend. We loved every second of their visit. They even took all three kids one night so we could get some uninterrupted sleep. I slept for 10 hours straight, and then went out for a leisurely brunch with Sam. It was so amazing.
 ^^They still cuddle up like this every night when they sleep. All the heart eyes.

This last picture is my new favorite of our little family. We are crazy and sleep deprived, but we sure do like each other.

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